Liberia Entrepreneur Educational Foundation (LEEF Foundation) is a non-profit organization founded in 2016. At LEEF Foundation we strive to provide quality and affordable education to school going children and young adolescent in Liberia. It may seem a privilege to provide affordable and quality education for every child, but claim to education is a human right. The uniqueness of this project is to accentuate not only academic education but also technical and vocational training. The introduction of a variety of educational package will give students the opportunity to choose and pursue their study of interest and thus promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship to create jobs for themselves and others.

We are active in Johnsonville, Montserrrado County, Liberia. With this project, we intend to serve Johnsonville and its connecting community: Caldwell, Barnersville, Gardnersville, Kebba, and Barclayville. 


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