GROS Hoeilaart

The Gemeentelijke raad voor ontwikkelingssamenwerking (GROS) is a municipal advisory board for development cooperation. This advisory council supports the municipality, associations and others with actions for sustainable development. LEEF Foundation cooperation with the GROS Hoeilaart ensures the visibility of the project among the resident in Hoeilaart. We also receive support for our sustainable development projects. For more information about the GROS Hoeilaart, please visit the website


Leraars zonder Grenzen (LZG)

Leraars zonder Grenzen promotes solidarity between teachers here and teachers in developing countries, in a spirit of equality and pluralism, and with respect for the cultural identity of all those involved. Teachers and all those who find training and education important for a just world are brought together to mobilize for the cost. LzG collaborates with organizations with similar objectives. Our partnership with LzG enable us to receive the relevant support, advice and training needed related to our sector. We also receive financial support for our project through our fundraising account at LzG in return for a tax certificate. Given that the members of LzG consist of experienced people, we will be able to use their help in guiding, compiling educational packages (educational and pedagogical) and collaborations between schools and the related sectors. All other forms of cooperation are welcome, such as bringing our project into contact with existing projects to share or acquire expertise. For more information, please visit LzG website


Actieve Interculturele Federatie (AIF+)

By partnering with Actieve Interculturele Federatie + (AIF+), we look forward to cooperating in the field of support (organizational, administrative and financial), North-South expertise and training courses. Together with AIF+, we also want to develop and present projects in education and intercultural activities in different cities and schools in Belgium. For more information about AIF+, please visit the website


St. John’s International School

St. John’s International School supports our books and educational projects by providing us with books and educational materials for students and teachers. For more information please visit the website


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