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LEEF Projects

Our Projects in Liberia
LEEF, Liberia Entrepreneur Educational Foundation

School project

LEEF school is located in Lee Hill Community, Upper Johnsonville Township. Johnsonville is an ideal location for this project because it is a deprived community and developments do not come to these remote areas in Liberia. With the growing demand for educational and employment opportunities, our proposed model will accentuate technical and vocational education and training as a response to these problems.

The primary goal is to build and maintain a school complex for boys and girls in Johnsonville, respectively. The school project consists of primary and secondary education. Primary school (nursery and primary school) offers primary education to children from 3 to 12 years old. The outflow of children from primary education goes to secondary education. Secondary education consists of children from 12 - 18 years old. Pupils from primary school can diverge in secondary school and make the choice between academic, vocational, or technical education based on their needs and requirements.

LEEF intends to help change this situation and will work with other schools to improve the conditions for children who are attending schools in nearby communities. By improving the education in Johnsonville, we hope through our intervention to expand the capacity of the country to maximize the utilization of its resources without relying on much external expertise.


Books & Educational drive

LEEF collects books and educational materials for schools and organizations in Liberia. We kindly accept books and educational materials in English. We collect student's textbooks in all subjects (Science, Math, English, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, etc.) and teachers guide. We also collect novels (fiction and non-fiction) for all ages, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, atlas, posters, and laboratory equipment (microscope, scientific models).


For recreational activities, we collect audio-visuals, educational games, puzzles, music equipment, audiobooks on CD, magazines, etc. For the computer library, we accept computers and software. We do not accept damaged or partial books and educational materials.

Our book and educational project also seek to provide reading literacy for the school going children, residents, and environs of the Johnsonville community. For this reason, our central library of the school will be open to the public.

LEEF, Liberia Entrepreneur Educational Foundation
LEEF, Liberia Entrepreneur Educational Foundation
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Adult Literacy and Life Skill Training

Our educational facilities will be utilized for adult literary and life skill training in the field of vocational and technical education. Our adult literacy and life skill training consist of different modules spread over the semester of the academic year. After completing each trajectory, the trainee will receive a certificate. We will work with local experts in Liberia and partner with international experts in to enhance our trainee with start-up strategies as a means of employment.

The adult literary and life skill training is open to individuals 18 years and above who had not had the privilege to access or drop out of the educational system. All training offered is through evening classes.


Health Projects

LEEF work is also centred around the sustainable development goal 3. LEEF will work to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages within the communities. In times of health emergency, LEEF will take initiatives to provide humanitarian and disaster relief aid. Our recent emergency relief effort is the COVID-19 emergency response package to John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital. The package consists of personal protection equipment (PPE) to assist in the fight against the deadly coronavirus. 

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