The construction of the school is on a 2.5 acres land located in upper Johnsonville. Johnsonville is an ideal location for this project because it is a deprived community and developments do not come to these remote areas in Liberia. With your help and donation, you can help us achieve our school project. With the growing demand for educational and employment opportunities, our proposed model which will accentuate the technical and vocational education training is a response to these problems. LEEF Foundation intends to help change this situation and will work with other schools to improve the conditions for children who are attending schools in the nearby communities. We also plan to help sustain the gains so far made in the post-conflict reconciliation and peace building efforts. By improving the education in Johnsonville, we hope through our intervention to expand the capacity of the country to maximize the utilization of its resources without relying on much external expertise.



LEEF Foundation collects books and educational materials for schools in Liberia. We kindly accept books and educational materials in English. We take students textbook in all subject (science, math, English, geography, chemistry, physics, biology, etc.) and teachers guide. Apart from textbooks we also collect novels (fiction and non-fiction) for all ages, encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlas, posters and laboratory equipment (microscope, scientific models). For recreational activities, we collect audiovisuals, educational games, puzzles, music equipment, music on CD, audio books on CD, magazines, etc. For the computer library, we also take computers and software. We do not accept damaged or partial books and educational materials.



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