Youth Council Hoeilaart - Fairtrade breakfast and film for LEEF Foundation

The Youth Council Hoeilaart (Jeugdraad Hoeilaart) hosted its annual breakfast film on February 2, 2020. The breakfast contained fair trade products from the Oxfam Shop sponsored by the GROS Hoeilaart. The film - ‘The Lion King' was screened twice for the kids and their parents in the morning. In the afternoon, the film was screened for the Scouts and Chiro Hoeilaart. A short presentation about LEEF Foundation projects was given by Aletha Wallace – founder of LEEF Foundation.

The proceeds from the ticket sale will be donated towards the building of a school in Johnsonville, Liberia, West Africa. LEEF Foundation is extremely grateful to the Youth Council Hoeilaart and the GROS Hoeilaart for sponsoring and organizing the day. A big thank you to all who turn-out to support this good cause.

The photo album of the breakfast film can be seen by clicking on the link below. Photo credit Rein Van Gisteren


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